Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hush, hush

A rough translation of the Zulu word “thula” (pronounced t’ula) is “be peaceful, be tranquil.” The phrase “thula, thula” means “hush, hush”, and is part of a well known African lullaby sung to this day to her two children by Melbourne mum Naomi. Naomi was introduced to African culture by her South African husband, and fell in love with the song. When the time came to name her children’s clothing business, Thula Thula seemed to encapsulate both the innocence and adventurous spirit of children that she wanted to reflect in her clothing range. The business started in October 2007 and delivers garments with simple, classic cuts, using traditional techniques to create refreshingly original and great quality pieces. And of course, the other, most important job keeping Naomi busy is that of raising her beloved littlies, Aiden and Madeline, who also model the creations!

Check out Thula Thula’s stylish and playful Anchor Sun Suit – what a fun little number for sunny days! 100% cotton and printed with anchors, it's an all-in-one shorts and top ensemble. It has cross over straps and is finished with lovely big buttons. Gorgeous!

And how about these White Tulip Shorts. The pockets are the best bit: see how they drape at the front? Nice! Also in 100% cotton, they have a flat front which sits beautifully on the body, and an elastic back waist for easy wearing and dressing.

Wait up! We can’t forget the lads, can we! They’ll be comfy and cute in these hard-wearing Jimmy Jeans.

We suppose it should come as no surprise that Naomi happily spent hours of her childhood artfully draping herself in doilies and tablecloths and entertaining the family with fashion parades! This early love of fashion grew into an exciting career. She spent her jet setting single years employed in the wardrobe department of various TV, film and theatre organisations. Her worldly experience is evident in her creations, which you can browse at the Thula Thula website, or at Mathilda’s Market in Melbourne on THIS Sunday 22 November.

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