Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Apply to retail in 2010

Due to the silly season, cut-off dates for applications for the first round of 2010 Markets have slightly changed. The following cut off dates now apply:

- Brisbane – Monday 11 January, 2010
- Canberra – Monday 11 January, 2010
- Sydney (Paddington Town Hall) – Monday 18 January, 2010
- Melbourne (Hawthorn Town Hall) – Monday 25 January, 2010
- Hobart – Monday 25 January, 2010
- Adelaide – Monday 18 January, 2010
- Sydney (St Ignatius College, Lane Cove) – Monday 8 March, 2010

Please be sure to submit your application by the dates above. We may consider applications after these dates, however we will have filled 90% of our stall allocations by then.
If you wish to apply for a stall, and have not done so already, here’s what to do! (Please note that the 2010 application process is different to previous years). It’s very easy indeed!

- STEP 1: Register on our database by clicking here.
- STEP 2: Once you have registered, click on APPLY FOR A STALL and select which Market location you are applying for (eg. Paddington Town Hall on (date).
- NOTE: You need to do both steps to apply for a stall. Just registering does not mean you have applied for a stall!

Don’t want to hold a stall this time around, but might want to in future? It’s still a very good idea to register on our database, as we’ll be using it in future to keep our retailers (and potential retailers) in the loop!

Have a fabulous day!

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