Friday, January 8, 2010

Fabulous Finds Program

We are particularly passionate about our new program for 2010: Fabulous Finds, which will support and showcase fledgling, up-and-coming talent. We love the people and products that are part of the handmade/craft community, and we understand the difficulties of starting up a small venture.
Sooooo ... at every single Mathilda's Market, we'll be offering a stall for the reduced price of $50 to two  fresh and exciting businesses. We hope being part of Mathilda's Market will give these businesses a great kick-start and help them grow. Perhaps you (or a small business operator you know) meet the criteria on the checklist below to be part of the Fabulous Finds program?

- Do you create absolutely gorgeous, quality baby and kids' goods? (If you produce goodies that have  crossover‘appeal and make Mums giddily happy too, we‘ll also consider you). Remember - your products need to be of the highest quality. This is paramount, as we have a reputation for showcasing and selling only the cream of the crop!
- Do you create handmade goods, or items made on a small production run? As well as handmade things (our absolute favourite because they‘re so unique), we‘ll accept goods made in limited or small production runs. Please note we WON‘T consider mass-produced items, no matter where they are made.
- Are you a brand new business making something that just HAS to be seen by savvy shoppers with great taste? OR perhaps you have been creating your wares as a hobby for some time, and are looking to expand your venture?
- If accepted, can you make enough products to plentifully stock your stall ready for loads of sales on Market day? And are you prepared for an increase in demand before and after Market day? Are you able to manage this increased workload with professionalism and a smile?

If you fit the bill and would like to apply, please send ONE email to with the following information:

- Your name
- Your business name (if you have one)
- Your mobile number
- Which City you would like to hold a stall at
- A BRIEF description of your product or product range, including what it is you create, the retail cost of your products, and why they are fabulous, high quality and that little bit special.
- At least 4 images of your products (no more than 1MB in total) or your website address.
- A BRIEF outline why you should become a “Fabulous Find”.

Applications for the Fabulous Finds program are always open, as we will have two such stalls at every Mathilda‘s Market around the country, but to be considered for the first round of Markets in 2010, please submit your application by 28 January. Please note we need ALL of the above information to make a decision. Please DO NOT email us if you cannot answer all questions above.

If you know of someone who would be suitable for this great opportunity, please pass this email on - we‘re so excited about unearthing the amazing hidden talent out there!

Anne x


posiepatchwork said...

Excellent idea & wonderful opportunity. Just blogged about this one, there are so many people with incredible talent who need a little push & encouragment. Excited to see who you find Anne, love Posie

About Mathilda's Market said...

Thank you for your kind words Jennie, we can't wait to see the applications!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! I am thrilled at the prospect of sending you my application. I love what I do but treading out into the market place can be quite daunting.

There is no better way to take that step than with people I admire in a forum I have great respect for. I am truly grateful for the opportunity.

Kind Regards

Kylie said...

What a great idea - looking forward to seeing who you find. Jennie - does tha mean I should pull my finger out:)

Anonymous said...

Thankyou what a great idea!
I have been making baby products for my self & friends for a while now & get compliments & comments that I should sell them. I have admired the Mathildas Market for some time but felt it was out of my league as a new product & should test the waters elsewhere first. This is just the push I need. I look forward to preparing my application!

Magdalena, The Craft Revival said...

Wow, this is such a brilliant idea and a wonderful opportunity for those people just starting out and wanting to sell at a market for the first time, but being concerned at the cost of a stall.

I have just started turning my hobby into what will hopefully bring in a little income and have considered potentially selling at a couple of markets this year. But looking at the cost of a stall and only being VERY fresh to the scene has made me hesitant.

I will definitely be sending an application! It's encouraging to see such FAB program being initiated by such a successful market!

Thanks for the opportunity

MillaRuby Designs said...

I have to say if it wasnt for mathilda's in Perth and the support i recieved from market goers i would not have had the courage to open my own store , millaruby designs.
I cant wait to go again this march. Its the highlight of my year!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
What an exciting opportunity for newcomers.
I am hoping to showcase my baby knitwear at a 'mathilda's market' in Sydney this year.
I will keep my fingers crossed!
Elizabeth Thompson

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