Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Come fly away, fly away with me .... to Daylesford

Just over 1 hour drive from Melbourne, it felt like I had entered another world when we visited Daylesford (over Easter). I had been there only once before, many moons ago. I loved it then, and I love it even more now. It is so relaxing.
Maybe part of this relaxing feeling automatically starts when you’re going on a holiday. You’ve packed the car, everyone’s on board, and you leave behind the laptop, emails, deadlines, and daily timetable. Always a good start.
When we travel anywhere, we usually don’t plan too much ahead. We stop wherever it seems nice, then we eat a LOT, sleep a LOT and do what the locals do (well we pretend to know what they do).
And so started our Daylesford trip. Almost reaching this lovely old town, we drove past Sault, and by the time the seven people in our car decided it looked too good to miss, we had almost missed the entry.
I didn’t realise that Daylesford may as well have been called Lavenderford, it's lavender wherever you look. After sitting in the car for 1 hour, the kids were very happy to roam around the Lavender fields of Sault.

We enjoyed a delectable afternoon tea with the most (truly most) delicious apple tart ever consumed.

While in Daylesford, I was finally able to visit one of my most favourite stores ever, Lark, run by the lovely Allison. The Lark store is doubling in size, and I believe they are having a special celebration weekend. Find out more here.
I saw Allison again the next morning at the Daylesford Makers Market, which she kindly volunteers her time for (in fact I think she runs it). It was a lovely market, with a great atmosphere. 

We also bought lots of local produce at the food market, and the idea was to take it back home to Melbourne, but we cooked it all that night in our accommodation. How pretty is this basket full of vegies & fruit (I think tomato is a fruit, right?). It was ready to buy from the market stall, but it was just a little too much to take home.

One of my highlights was our visit to the Lavandula. I could have moved in there the minute I walked in.

This was our lunch. Suffice to say, it was eaten very quickly, and we could have ordered it once more, it was soooo delicious.

This is my youngest (Abigail) with my Dad, looking at some photos.

This is my oldest (Mathilda) with my Mum. My parents live overseas, so when they visit, they get lots of cuddles, to make up for the time they're not here!

There is so much more fun stuff to see & do in Daylesford, but I think this post has already exceeded patience level, so until next time, have a fabulous day.
Anne x


Posie Patchwork said...

OH Anne, how much fun & to share your chidren with their grandparents too!! Love a full car load, always seems to be more fun. What a gorgeous way to spend Easter, hugs, see you soon, love Posie

Marthese said...

Loved your post ...thank you for sharing it...

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