Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting To Know ... Jennie from Posie Patchwork

I am passionate about … Family, fun, fashion & healthy lifestyle

I get frustrated when … I run out of thread. Oh to have an endless bobbin!!

I started my business because … I wanted to stay home to raise my children around a husband in the Army. Way back in 1999 I discovered a neat way to combine the lot!

My favourite TV show is … Desperate Housewives. (I’m a combination of all of them).

If I could be anywhere right now I’d be … Relaxing with my husband by the water with our children splashing around

I am most proud of … My husband & our four gorgeous children, who are lovely people

I think the biggest obstacle our kids will face in the future is … Not having family as the backbone of society, and lacking homemade/homebake skills & self subsistence lifestyles!

My favourite item from our product range is … easily my passion – the patchwork quilt where the combinations of colour, style, size, theme & design is unlimited.

I love listening to ... Desperate Housewives – you didn’t think I actually had time to watch the show?!

My heart sings when … The school bell goes & my four happy children are so pleased to see me again. Hugs & kisses all round, oh and dumped school bags of course!

The hardest part of running my business is … Starting up all over again every two years, as we move interstate with the Army. I love local markets, so I have to rebuild my customer base.

I love sipping on … Mineral water, any flavour. Love how it tickles my nose.

One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen is ... My children flying high up & over the toboggan embankment at the bottom of the toboggan slope at Mt Selwyn, which is meant to stop them from landing on the skiers! Luckily no one was injured.

The best part of my day is … Last thing at night, when the day is done, children asleep, house tidy, lunch is organised & my work schedule prepared for the following day. THEN I can relax!

My favourite food is … Japanese, always fresh & tasty.

I struggle with … My children missing their Daddy, especially the ‘Daddys’ Girls’ who are all tweens. I could really do with some back up when they have moody moments.

Friendship to me means … Genuinely happy to be generous of spirit, time, energy & experience.

I just can’t live without … Obviously my family, but materialistically speaking, all my crafty things – fabric, hand stitching, sewing, paper, threads, felt, buttons, ric rac, ribbons ... I love it all!

Find Posie Patchwork at Mathilda's Market in Canberra on Sunday 27 June at the Hyatt Hotel, 9am to 1pm. 

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Posie Patchwork said...

Oh thanks so much!! What a lovely surprise at the end of a busy weekend, thanks ladies!! Love Posie

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

What a lovely interview. An amazing mum and business women there. You will love the variety on her stall I am sure - she seems to have new things all the time!

Tania McCartney said...

And she's a lovely girl, too! x

Jen (Melei) said...

Jennie, you are such a super woman, i get exhausted just reading about what you get up to!

About Mathilda's Market said...

I agree entirely! I don't know how she does it all! Jennie also kindly omits that she volunteers for her school tirelessly. Plus she is always happy to help and offer advice when needed to her business colleagues (i.e. me ). A very generous and kind person indeed.

Corrie said...

awwwwww we love jennie here! and look at those beautiful children......they are just gorgeous!


lisa :: the red thread said...

Jennie embodies the true meaning of supermum. She seems to have endless energy, enthusiasm and love.
You go girl!

Jen Leheny said...

I love Jennie too (it helps that she has such a cool name!) :)

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