Friday, May 14, 2010

Recollections of a marvellous mulberry tree

I have fond childhood memories of the mulberry tree in our family’s backyard. As a kid, I’d stand at the foot of its trunk and gaze wistfully at the tip of its branches, wishing I was perched there. I wasn’t much of a girly girl ... trees and Lego and BMX bikes and playdough and fuzzy felt made me buzz with excitement, rather than Barbies. And there was nothing more thrilling to me than the mulberry tree at Ash Avenue. One morning, when I was around 4 years of age, I crept from my bed and set out to achieve my dream – to touch the top of that tree! It didn’t end well. My nightdress got tangled around the branch and I cried heartily. My poor Mum, who was heavily pregnant with my sister at the time, called on our next door neighbour to launch a rescue mission. It curbed my passion for tree climbing ... for a few weeks, at least!

So when I heard about Mulberry Tree Organic, I immediately loved the name, and having seen their stall at Mathilda’s Market in Melbourne, I’m now a fan of their environmentally friendly, organic cotton clothes and accessories for babies and pre-schoolers. They sell top quality boutique brand names from all over the world, including Piccallily (UK), La Queue du Chat (France), Frugi (UK), Dimples (NZ), Lyssy May (Australia), Uimi (Australia) and Milk Skin Care (Australia), with more names coming soon.

Everything sold by Mulberry Tree Organic is practical, gorgeously colourful, stylish and free from nasty chemicals or additives that can irritate young skin. (You’ve gotta love garments made from organic cotton ... they’re luxuriously soft and hard-wearing).

I loved the sweet fable on their website of how Melbourne's Nicky Flood started Mulberry Tree Organic – read it here!

You can grab your virtual shopping cart and hit the Mulberry Tree online store here (online orders are shipped between 24 and 36 hours later, and are packaged with love and great care). Or you can check out all that Mulberry Tree Organic have to offer when they set up shop at Mathilda’s Market in Melbourne at the Malvern Town Hall on Sunday 30 May.

Oh, I have another lovely childhood recollection to do with mulberry trees – silk worms! Having a mulberry tree in the backyard made me popular at school when all the kids needed the leaves for their silky squirmy pets ... another reason why I think mulberry trees are just the best! Is my affection for mulberry trees a good enough reason to go on a shopping spree with Mulberry Tree Organic? Yep ... I think so!

Peta x
Mathilda's Market blogger

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