Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thank you!

What a fabulous day ... thank you everyone for coming to our Sydney Mathilda's Market today. The products on display were stunning as always, the stall holders are such a lovely bunch and the shoppers seemed to enjoy ... well ... shopping.
I did some shopping myself, I bought a gorgeous clip for my daughter Mathilda (from a brand new amazing company called Castlebox Melbourne), but ended up wearing it myself (sorry Tilly). And of course I couldn't resist buying a couple of pieces from the ladies at Rowantree Design. Sorry no photos of my purchases this time! Aran Anderson Photography joined us again, taking photos of the beautiful stalls, and here are some snaps in case you missed it! Hope to see you next time.

Always so popular: The Red Thread

Some cool boys shorts by Boo Hoo Baby

Mel from Paperklip created the gorgeous snowflakes in the entry! And of course her stall is always a big attraction! Although Mel usually focuses on all things paper, today she had these fun little fish on her table!

And more pretty things .... (I had to resist so much not to buy all these fun rolls of sticky tape, my daughter Tilly loves art & craft, so this would be heaven for her).

Thanks everyone! Have a fantastic week ahead and see you on Saturday at Mahtilda's Market in Brisbane!

Anne x


Naomi (thula thula) said...

you missed talking about was a great market and the ladies I meet were incredible and very sharing on everything we do.....can you mention us please!
I travelled from melbourne for it, the location was beautiful and it was a bright sunny day. Please write!

Gelati Art said...

A fantastic day at Lane Cove yesterday. Thank you to all the lovely people who came by my Gelati Art stall. Can't wait to come back and do another Mathilda's at Lane Cove. Thank you also to the lovely stallholder who kindly leant me a tablecloth. I didn't get to thank you personally in the mad dash to pack up. Cheers, Vanessa x

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh love the Red Thread, i just had a parcel of Lisa's gorgeousness arrive last week, splendid. Bring on Canberra, love Posie

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