Monday, January 24, 2011

Getting to know

Today we're finding out a little more about Rachael Zelensky - the new owner of Mathilda's Markets!

I am passionate about … believing in a fabulous idea and never letting anybody stop you from achieving it! Taking chances and never saying never…..

I get frustrated when … my mobile goes to message bank before I have time to find it in the bottom of my handbag!

I started my business because … I am passionate about providing small business a platform to showcase on a big business level. This process began with my market in Brisbane the Boutique Markets and now extends nationwide to Mathilda’s Market.

My favourite TV show is … anything that I can watch without the kids interrupting. I would like to say by the end of 2011 my aim would be to one day watch the news from start to finish! Actually I would be happy to just get through the weather report…and now I sound like my mother!

If I could be anywhere right now I’d be … sitting in a movie theatre zoning out, watching a girlie flick with close friends.

I am most proud of … never taking life or myself too seriously.

I think the biggest obstacle our kids will face in the future is … keeping up with the fast pace of technology.

My favourite item from our product range is … You know I am visiting Mathilda’s Market around Australia this year and I am going to be like a kid in a candy store. Ask me at the end of the year – but I’m not sure I will be able to narrow it down to one.

I love listening to ... the silence in my house at 1am when I am up on the computer working, and late at night before I go to bed I creep into my kid rooms and sit down beside their beds and listen to them breathing…. I love those little sighs they make when they sleep…..

My heart sings when … when people are acknowledged for the little things that no else notices.

The hardest part of running my business is … juggling the balance between work and kids and family, and accepting that some nights it’s cheese on toast for dinner and other nights it’s a 3 course meal!

I love sipping on … good coffee and pink grapefruit tiro's.

The best part of my day is … I’m a morning person, I LOVE mornings, and I love my morning coffee!

My favourite food is … Anything Asian. My husband is from the Philippines so we eat predominantly Asian style food in our house. My all time favourite dessert is Pavlova, but I don’t eat it much as my daughter has an Anaphylaxis to Egg so we don’t make it at home. I might treat myself to it when I go out with friends sometimes.

I struggle with … stopping still long enough to get all my thoughts and ideas down on paper.

Friendship to me means … being able to laugh so hard your belly hurts

I just can’t live without … hugs and kisses from my family and work. I love my family and I love my job!



Blossom Books said...

Hi Rachael! Looking forward to seeing more from Mathilda's this year... especially in Perth. We've missed you! :-)

Little Snoring said...

Gorgeous children! Goodluck with Mathilda's this year...

Ashleigh said...

So lovely to get to know you Rachel!

lisa :: the red thread said...

Welcome Rachael! Looking forward to meeting you.

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