Monday, April 18, 2011

Mini Mathilda's Bakes...

Cute Birdy Nests


bag of Chinese noodles (the crunchy ones)
bag of chocolate chips
Baking paper
Jelly beans, easter eggs or other 'egg-shaped' lollies


Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave on low power. 
 Once melted, add the crunchy noodles and coat 
completely so they look like little twigs and sticks.  
Remove from heat and let set for no more than a couple of 
minutes so that it starts to harden.  Using a tablespoon, 
scoop out a portion and place on the paper.  
Use the back of the spoon to make an indent on the top 
so you can have a place to rest the eggs.
Repeat this process until mixture is used up.  
Once the nests have dried, 
place the eggs on top and 
there you have it!!

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Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

They look lovely and easy to make. Thank you for sharing I will make these with the kids this week.

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