Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Next time you have a children's birthday cake to create (or an adult for that matter!!)
this rainbow layer cake is just the ticket to many ooooo's and aahhhh's.

I made this one for my son recently and have to admit I cheated and used packet mixes as he has Ceoliac Disease and it was just easier, but you could make yours from scratch if you wish!

The only trick is to go to a cake decorating shop and buy gel food colouring...I bought yellow, blue and red - out of which I made orange, purple and green as well.
Using 3 packet mixes, I made up 1 at a time and divided the mixture in half, added the colour and baked each layer as a thin individual cake.
Once cold, I then assembled using a layer of cream cheese and marscarpone icing inbetween each layer before icing the whole cake with a thin layer of icing...freezing for an hour or so and then finishing off with another layer of icing - this keeps any crumbs in the 1st layer of icing and you look like a pro!

Then all that's left is to decorate the top with rainbow-coloured lollies or 100's and 1000's and see if you can keep a secret until the first slice is cut...


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