Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This week I'm sharing something I made for my youngest...
a just-for-going-out bag of goodies to keep her busy in coffee shops, 
doctors waiting rooms and the like.  I tried to buy a few little things 
that we don't have at home to cash-in on the novelty factor...
so wish me luck and 
we'd love to hear what works for you!!



Brooke said...

I've done this too. Only problem is that it was so popular it's now the "use every day at home or out" bag. Stickers were a big hit with my son.

Gillian said...

I used to do that too (my baby is now 24). It worked well. "Back in the day" we also had a small blank book a few "forms" we'd picked up from various places (she loved the ones from the bank and medicare office) a Polly Pocket, a My Little Pony or two and a couple of cars that lived in it. Occasionally we'd swap things over or buy new things as a surprise.

It did work well. Now when my daughter goes to music festivals etc she usually has a capacious handbag filled with an array of things (she doesn't have a child but she does have a boyfriend). He'll often ask if she has something, enevitably she does. He claims its like living with Mary Poppins. Perhaps he needs his own "special bag" too.

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