Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Up, up and away with Sweet William

Is it too late to wish you all a Happy New Year? I hope not! I also hope 2010 is full of wonderful surprises and happy times, and that your Christmas was special. Ours was – it was our first Christmas with our 11 month old daughter Edie. (To quickly explain, I’m Peta & I’m part of the Mathilda’s Market team. One of my happy responsibilities is sharing the writing of this blog with our fearless leader, Anne. But more on me, and the rest of the team, in other posts!) Here’s Edie, “helping” me with the tree – or rather, taking decorations off as I put them on.

Her kaftan is from Little Bubble And Tree. Speaking of stallholders at Mathilda’s Market in Hawthorn last November, it was a lovely moment for me to be leisurely perusing the stalls when all of a sudden I was pleasantly blindsided by the extreme talent of another stallholder. Of course, everyone there had talent in spades, but my jaw lolled in awe and admiration (not a good look, I’m sure!) as I gazed upon the works of the sisterhood of Sweet William. No, they’re not nuns – they’re two sisters (Shelley Gardner and Paula Mills) and one sister-in-law (Jeanine Mills), who have collaborated to form Sweet William. They design and produce their own cushions, brooches, prints, handmade cards, craft packs, stationery, softies, bags, necklaces and a whole lot more. Much of their range incorporates their own original artwork, and for me, their intricate illustrations are what makes Sweet William so special. Take this, for example …

Yep, so enamoured was Anne with the Sweet William collection that she asked them to design a work around the words ‘Mathilda’s Market’. The very talented Paula picked up one of her many fine line black pens (which she cites as one of the three things in life she can’t do without, along with conversation, and cups of tea!) and created the above. Isn’t it sublime?

When asked to nominate a favourite from the Sweet William range, Paula chose ‘Mini Camille’ in her little matchbox house. Isn’t she a doll?! (Please forgive my terrible punning).

Apart from engaging in tragically bad wordplay I also seem to spend a good deal of time hunting for beautiful gifts for new babies and their parents – wouldn’t one of these artworks on canvas delight its recipient!

It’s well worth making your own cup of tea and stopping by the Sweet William blog at The blog is written by Shelley and Paula, who originally hail from South Africa. But what I found surprising is that despite being business partners, Paula and Jeanine now live in Australia, while Shelley is many miles away in New Zealand. Still, they make Sweet William work beautifully – and that must take some commitment! From their posts, it’s glaringly obvious they all share a love of op shopping, as their prize finds are pictured and described with great excitement! Paula says old children’s books, vintage objects, old fabrics and markets of all kinds inspire their creations. If that’s the case, sisters … we ask that you grab your baskets NOW and keep on shopping!

Peta x
Mathilda’s Market blogger

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thanks Peta, we are all very flattered.

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