Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Books ahoy, mateys!

Cameron Stelzer had BIG daydreams of becoming a kids book writer and illustrator. But getting published as a children’s author is a tough task indeed. Many try, and few succeed. So Cameron decided to bypass the big publishers, instead creating Daydream Press with his wife Jenny in 2004. It’s now home sweet home to two series of kids picture books: The Stroogle and Pie Rat series. Open up these books and feast your eyes on the beautiful watercolour illustrations.

You won’t find these books in retail shops – so here’s yet another good reason to visit Mathilda’s Market in Brisbane on Sunday 1 November! You’ll also love the wide and colourful collection of The Stroogle and Pie Rat merchandise, all designed by the clever Cameron, including vibrant t-shirts, card games, library bags, stickers and toys. We rather like the wickedly cool Pie Rat t-shirts, which are bound to be a big hit with the boys!

Cameron also does his bit to encourage kids to embrace drawing and the written word by holding writing and illustration workshops at primary schools around Australia. And that deserves a big high five! If you can’t make it to Mathilda’s Market in Brisbane, you can stock up on books and other bits at the Daydream Press online shop.

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