Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm OK!

Close friends Jen and Sandra are the crazy girls and dynamite creative duo behind the design company IMOK (pronounced “I Mock”). We’re wearing big smiles because IMOK are stallholders at Mathilda’s Market in Sydney AND Melbourne, where they are stocking their enchanting, whimsical and edgy lettering and art. We gave the IMOK girls a challenge: to create a fresh new look for the letters in “Mathilda’s Market”. Here’s what they came up with: 

Woah! It’s OUT there, and we love it to pieces.

IMOK have conjured up their own wildly magical alphabet lettering. They then arrange these letters into people’s names, or inspirational sentiments, such as this one:

The hue of the watercolour background and the special little character next to the word can be chosen by you to create something lovely and personal, like this: 

IMOK’s lettering designs can be purchased laminated, or mounted & framed. They’ll happily take customised orders for parties, birthdays or even your business, and we expect they’ll be busy bees taking plenty of Christmas orders at Mathilda’s. (They’ll also be selling some art pieces there, too). But perhaps our absolute favourites are the customised, handpainted initials. You can get any letter(s) of the alphabet painted IMOK style. Feast your eyes on this! It's B for boldly, bizarrely breathtaking! 

Oh, and for the big kids with a bit of rock n’roll in them, they also do fabulous clothing and accessories. Check out their website for a taste of what’s on offer.

Jen and Sandra from IMOK actually met while studying Hospitality Management. After graduating, Jen went on to forge a career in catering while Sandra studied photography. Rather astoundingly, neither have formal art training. Jen says there was certainly a strong creative connection when they met, but they had no idea that one day they’d be living out their dreams to make a living as artists. Isn’t it grand how life sometimes pans out! Oh and congrats are due to Sandra, who is getting married in early December. We hope her married life is as wonderful as her creative one. And incase you were wondering, the name of their biz comes from the sentiment “I’m OK”. (And we’re guessing it’s said with a cheeky grin, rather than a defeated shrug of the shoulders). At Mathilda’s Market, we think they’re MORE than just OK!

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