Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Designs on you

Aaaah ... the delightful scents and sounds of spring! There's truly nothing more nourishing for the soul than feeling the sun warming your face as you smell the wafting scent of jasmine. Well, perhaps there's one thing ... Opening the letterbox to find an invitation in the mail, JUST for you. It happens so rarely nowadays in the age of email, but it doesn't it just give you the fuzziest of feelings when it does? It's a feeling that Nathalie, a mum of three boys from Sydney, wanted to recapture. Also, hard as she tried, she couldn't find stylish, beautiful and personalised birth announcement, christening and birthday invitations in the stores. She was a talented designer, so she resorted to creating her own just for personal use. A wonderful friend (you know the kind ... those endlessly supportive and generous people worth their weight in chocolate) gave her the encouragement she needed to launch a small range - and that's how Imprintables came to be. You're bound to find a design you love to bits in her huge range. There's something for every occasion. We love the gingerbread men invitations! Spice up your life and head down to the Imprintables stall at Mathilda's Market in Sydney on Sunday 1 November.

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