Friday, October 16, 2009

A treat for teeny tootsies

It’s such a joyous thing to watch babies taking their first tentative steps! Yet a lot of baby footwear you find in the shops isn’t exactly fashionable OR comfy for our little ones. Many people skip the whole shoe palaver until their babies are older because quite often, bubba shoes seem a little chunky and, well … grown-up. So it’s splendid that Baby Couture has filled the gap, with stylish footwear for bambinos aged up to 18 months.

All their shoes are made of silky soft leather, allowing tiny footsies to grow and flex naturally … which we imagine is rather important when you are figuring out this whole walking caper! Perhaps you’re thinking “why would I put my baby in shoes? Sure, it looks cute – but they just fall off!” That’s quite true – and Baby Couture has nipped that one in the bud. Their range features fantastic elastic ankles to stop shoes being left behind. But enough talk of their practicality! Let’s allow ourselves to oooh and aaaah (just for a sec!) over the extreme cuteness of the black and white trainers above, and these cherry red and white numbers …

If you’re lucky enough to be at Mathilda’s Market in Sydney on Sunday 1 November, you can pick up a pair for the discounted price of only $25 – just for shoppers at this Market. Everyone else can sate their baby footwear fetish by doing a spot of online shopping at the Baby Couture website.

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