Monday, October 19, 2009

Heaven Sent

As we all know, kids in real life usually don’t act like kids in fashion photo shoots. They are rarely perfectly poised on little chairs, neatly pouring ice tea into miniature plastic cups, eating cupcakes and smiling beatifically, while a terrier sits at their feet. They’re more likely to tumble off the chair into a mud puddle, or spill the ice tea down the front of their outfit, as the dog jumps up on them to seize a cupcake from their sticky little hands. And we love them for it! (We also love the escapism of looking at beautiful photo shoots and dreaming of a splendidly perfect life!) Heavenly Creatures Children’s Wear bring us a divine mix of the dreamy and practical, such as these sweet little Peasant Tops.

Clever designers Heidi and Kelly, who are also Mums, well understand that kids clothes will be subject to the rigours of swings, scooters, fairies, mud and cupcakes. So for the last four years, their team has designed garments for boys and girls that not only look irresistibly cool and can withstand the activities of youngsters, but also have a nostalgic feel about them.

You can view their entire current range in the Gallery section of their heavenly website. Photography this gorgeous is well worth checking out, and the website’s intro really brightened up our morning – so captivating! You can find Heavenly Creatures at Mathilda’s Market in Sydney on Sunday 1 November. 

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