Friday, October 23, 2009

Growing a better world

There’s an old saying that goes something like this: “We do not own the earth – we merely borrow it from our children.” Wiser words have never been spoken, and it’s a philosophy that rings true for Kate and Jacqui from Three Little Trees. They believe this world will be a better place for our precious kids if we embrace a sustainable lifestyle, and in turn, teach our children how to take care of the environment. The Three Little Trees range is created with this ethos in mind, and consists of girls and boys clothes (all made of 100% cotton), hair accessories, balms, lotions, ponytail holders, etc. Their designs are bold and bright and make all our beautiful kids look even more wondrous than they already are! Check out this exquisite Butterfly Dress from the new birds and bees summer range …

And these super groovy Jitterbug Shorts!

What’s especially fantastic is that their clothes are hard wearing – tough enough to withstand one rough and tumble play session after another. Native plant seeds are contained in the swing tag attached to all garments, so like Kate and Jacqui, you too can watch your own three little trees grow! Brisbane shoppers can visit the Three Little Trees stall at Mathilda’s Market on Sunday 1 November.

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