Monday, November 9, 2009

A Pocket Full of Posie

Jennie from Canberra is the wife of a handsome soldier and mum to four primary school kids. She likes her life brimming with love, activity, sewing, designing … and a little bit of mystery, too. Mystery, I hear you ask? Well, Jennie has … (shhhh!) – an alter ego. Her name is Posie, and she’s the creative force behind Posie Patchwork. For a decade, Posie has squirreled away vintage, reproduction and retro fabrics from all around the globe. Many are rare (such as her Japanese materials) and all of them beautiful or quirky.

These finds are then crafted into highly original pieces such as patchwork quilts (her great love), bags, cushions, aprons, and a huge selection of accessories including bibs, purses, badges, key rings, and camera and iPod pouches. Many of her products are designed with children in mind, but we suspect most grownup girls would be powerless to resist Posie’s enchanting creations – such as these fabulous AND functional pencil rolls.

Her goodies are also handmade to order, so if you find a fabric in the range you adore, it can be turned into whatever your heart desires (or you can buy fabric from the online store and whip it up yourself). So what is Posie’s great passion? Anything to do with matryoshka and babushka dolls, which feature prominently in her range!

In November, Posie Patchwork launch their collection of organic cotton baby suits, t-shirts and singlets featuring cookie cutter screen prints, just in time for Mathilda’s Market in Canberra on THIS Sunday 15 November.

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