Monday, December 14, 2009

Mini Madness

Christmas is almost here, and with just 11 sleeps to go, I wanted to tell you about a website that could solve ALL your “what on earth will I buy?” gift dilemmas, in one swift click on this link: Ministyle. Ministyle specialises in all things “children’s lifestyle boutique” – homewares, accessories, clothes, stationery, etc. Penny, the woman behind this site has impeccable style and taste (I am SURE she lives in one of those picture perfect houses that we all wonder if they exist except on the pages of Vogue Living!)

I visited Ministyle and promptly snapped up the truly gorgeous Greeting Stamps and Alphabet Stamps sets by Cavallini & Co. as gifts for my family. Then - as is becoming quite a frequent occurrence with my Christmas shopping this year - I decided to gift a Greeting Stamp set to myself too! (Well, I’ve been good this year ... honestly!)

As we’re renovating, I am toying with the idea of purchasing the Gypsy Chandelier, which I’ve had my eyes on for a year now. Surely the fact that I’ve thought about it for such a length of time and STILL haven’t ruled it out means it belongs in our abode. I mean, how very grand would it be in a girl’s room. Or even the kids’ bathroom, to create a colourful contrast. I know it’s not to everyone’s taste, but different flavours, tastes and opinions are what makes the world such an interesting place, wouldn’t you say?!

Hmmmm .... clothes for the boys can be a bit tough to find, especially outfits that have a touch of cutting edge cool. I love this Electric Groove Hoodie top from Tommy Rocket. Tick one more present off the list for my son!

Browsing in a different section of Ministyle I also gasped with delight when my mouse tripped upon this Children's Baking Set with its 1950s charm. I could buy this for my two and a half year old daughter – OR my eight year old. Perhaps they could share it, and we could all bake biscuits and cakes happily together like the two little girls on the front of the tin. Although, to be honest, it’s far more likely that there will be batter spread from one end of the kitchen to the other, flour covering the floor, and bickering over who will lick the bowl. My patience tends to run VERY thin when it comes to children and baking ... so maybe I will just keep browsing for another gift.

Given I’m always surrounded by beautiful things at Mathilda’s Market, I should be good at resisting the shopping urge, but somehow I seem to be getting weaker and weaker and taking home more of the beautiful things I discover. I don’t think Ministyle will help my affliction! Especially given the Ministyle team will post out your orders in time for Christmas – BUT you’ll have to get in quick! Enjoy browsing this site, it’s quite delicious indeed.

Anne xoxoxo

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