Monday, December 14, 2009

Sweet Dreams

Another beautiful application for Melbourne ...
A young child’s pillow can be among its most cherished things. Nestling into the cosy comfort, listening to a favourite bedtime story, drifting off to sleep. Now you can enhance these precious moments with their very own pillowcases from Indigo Owl. Inspire their dreams with simple, distinctive graphics that express the shapes and colours of the world we live in. Indigo Owl's designs not only allow children to have individualised pillowcases but they can coordinate easily with other bedding and the most tasteful bedroom décor. All pillowcases are fashioned from 100 percent high-grade cotton and are available in a range of designs for boys and girls. You can order them here.

Indigo Owl Pillow Case

3 Rabbits Pillow Case

5 Sheep Pillow Case

Anne x

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