Wednesday, December 16, 2009


In my travels through blogs, websites, images and stories that comprise the applications we receive, I often find myself clicking on other blogs and websites linked within these. It’s in my nature, I am a curious person and love researching and discovering lives and ways of doing things that are different to mine.

And that is how I entered the world of Sheye Rosemeyer. Her blog is so personal and honest that I found myself reading through Sheye’s live in one entire evening (well, her last few years as outlined in her blog). After that I jumped in bed with my kids and hugged them all night. Sheye’s messages are very touching. Or maybe it is the combination of her writing and her amazing photography. I find myself yearning for blog updates to see what images Sheye will share with us next.
Although very sad at times, I highly recommend reading Sheye’s blog. So here’s the link.
Thank you Sheye Rosemeyer for sharing your life.

Anne x

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