Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I need space!

We're renovating.
Our very small - bursting at the seams - house will become a cute little house for a family of five.
All good.
We are living in the house while the renovation is taking place.
My office is converted to sleeping quarters.
We've been living in 3 rooms for a few months now (that includes kitchen).
Oh oh.
It's school holidays, with 3 kids, in 3 rooms for 6 weeks and no office.
Apparently it's all going to be finished in April.
Yes, I am sure, as EVERYONE feels compelled to tell me, it will be worth it, but right now I am at the end of my tether!

Anne x


Mon Alisa Design said...

I HATED renovating our old house and swore that I'll never do it again but here i am getting ready to start on the new (but very old) place. Sending calming vibes your way Anne :)

Jem said...

You are a braver woman than I!! I don't think I would cope at all with renos and 3 kids! I truly hope, for your sanity, it is all finished sooner rather than later.

About Mathilda's Market said...

Thanks for the lovely comments. I am just trying to see into the future, when I have my cup of tea in the new pretty kitchen and think back of exactly this moment: sitting in a make shift kitchen with the stars peeking through the roof :-)

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