Tuesday, January 26, 2010

School holidays come to an end

Less than a week of school holidays left! 

This is Abigail, my youngest, dancing in joy as we arrive at our holiday destination the day school holidays started 18 December 2009.

This is my oldest (Mathilda), enjoying an afternoon play in the park.

This is my son Isaac with Abigail, whilst on a walk looking for koalas. (We didn't see any!)

I never know whether to smile or cry when school holidays are over.

Here's what I love about school holidays:
- spending more time with the kids
- staying in our PJ's until whenever we feel like it
- eating naughty junk food
- letting the kids decide what to do for the day
- not having to get the kids go to bed on time
- life's just so much more relaxed!

What I don't like about school holidays:
- lack of structure ... I like to know what's happening, and when!
- I am terribly behind with work

Actually, I've never written it down like this. Looking at it this way, the pros clearly outweight the cons. So why do I still long for school & kinder to start?

How do you feel about it? Do you want school/kinder to start back again? And if so, do you feel guitly about thinking that way? (I certainly do!)

Anne x

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