Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Anyone for tea? Here's to photography that's truly scrumptious

How HARD is it to take great photographs of kids ... particularly babies! As I wield a camera to try to take photos of Edie, I become frustrated that I always seem to be a fraction too late in capturing that fleeting puzzled or joyful expression. It's crazy how fast the expressions on a young child's face change. It must be exhausting to run the gamut of so many emotions in one day - no wonder they get so tired and cranky by bedtime! Luckily there's experts out there whose job it is to catch those defining moments and freeze them in time. Our Mathilda's Market Queen Bee, Anne, is a big fan of this Melbourne photography studio and when you look at their skilful and inspired work, it's plain to see why.  Tea & Jam Photography specialise in snapping heavenly shots of babies, children and families in Melbourne, Ballarat and their surrounds, both for commercial purposes (like catalogues and promotional material) but also for families like yours and mine. I don't know about you, but I find the shots taken of little ones by some of the larger photography studios a bit, well, twee ... not to mention cliched. But husband and wife team Kate and Nathan Vale of Tea & Jam approach their subjects from a completely different angle to the rest, with stunning results. Like THIS!

Kate and Nathan sum up their style of photography very succinctly on their website: "It’s about being real and photographing people as they are, but also grasping the moments that are beautiful and enduring and perhaps a little rose-tinted". And I guess that's what's so breathtaking about their photos - they're not over "posed" or staged, but they seize those wonderful moments in time that the rest of us novices with a camera seem to miss. AND they do it in perfect light. Here's a perfect example.

Note: these are Anne's two little girls!

It also struck me that their images are filled with blazing colour that is so vibrant it seems to leap off the page.

Head to their website and blog and lose yourself in their wonderful work. I could post a million pics here, but I won't - besides, they look their best all big and beautiful on the Tea & Jam sites.  Alternatively, you can meet Kate & Nathan at our Mathilda's Markets in Melbourne in 2010, as Tea & Jam are our Official Event Photographer in Melbourne!
Peta x
Mathilda's Market blogger
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Giggleberry (Amy) said...

Kate & Nathan have taken pics of my little family and some commercial shots for my business too - I LOVE every single pic they have taken! I would so very highly recommend Tea & Jam Photography xx


Spunkerella Pettiskirt said...

Tea & Jam = l♥ve

Anonymous said...

As a children and family photographer myself I get to see lots of lots of work in this field.. rarely are they as talented as Kate and Nathans work. I love every image and they are such lovely people as well. I wouldn't hesitate to book them :)


About Mathilda's Market said...

Ditto to your comments! We're very lucky to have Kate & Nathan on board :-).

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