Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Did you know?

I met the ladies (Sophie and Helen) from Alkmini at the last Melbourne Mathilda’s Market and had such a laugh with them. Helen would have to be one of the best sales girls in Town. One moment, I was admiring the Merry Go Round and the Bird Cage Mobiles. The next moment, Sophie almost had me buy both mobiles! I managed to stay strong and (only) bought the Merry Go Round. All I have to do is wait for our renovation to finish so I can hang it up! Santa may be able to pick up the Bird Cage at our Christmas Mathilda’s Market this year, wouldn’t that be a nice surprise.

Each mobile is laser cut from 100% museum board. Museum board is made of 100% cotton fibre. Did you know that it is processed with artesian well water, which is free of pollutants and is naturally alkaline. Boards are acid and lignin free and use alkaline or neutral sizing. All boards are buffered with calcium carbonate; this ensures protection from the destructive effects of a polluted environment that will cause the pH of paper to decrease with age. Well I didn’t know until I wrote this story today, and I think that is just fabulous. Santa will definitely have to buy another one now!
Browsing their website, I also saw this fun sticker. It's not only a decorative sticker, it's also a phosphorescent night light for kids, which glows in the dark when you switch off the light. Transferring them is simple and they can be removed easily without leaving a trace.

Buy your own mobile now or visit Alkmini’s stall at Mathilda’s Market in Hawthorn on Sunday 14 March 2010.

Anne x
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