Monday, February 15, 2010

Bits & pieces

Our neighbour recently had her first baby, a boy called Max, and he is just so gorgeous. Yes, makes me clucky all over. I could maybe just squeeze another little bub in, I am turning 38 in a month ... or maybe I am pushing my luck?! Abigail our youngest (3 yrs) is just out of nappies and has started 3 yr old kinder. We will see, I will keep posted. Anyway, back to little Max. Off I went to buy some flowers for the happy parents. Unfortunately, I am not gifted in creating nice flower bunches, so I usually give the florist free range. I tell her the occasion and she creates. Love that. This time, I had to share the result with you, as it was so unusual, but stunning. Hydrangeas mixed with Roses. It was so colourful. My iphone photos don't do it justice. Abigail loved them too. I was so tempted to keep the flowers and just give the little present I had bought for Max, but guilt would have overridden the joy (only just!).  

Our extension/renovation is progressing moderately. I guess for the house owner it never progresses fast enough! We’re now getting to the worst part ... down to two rooms. Thinking in hindsight, maybe moving out would not have been such a bad idea. The thing is, I hate packing everything we own to move it all to another house, only to move it back 6 months later. And I genuinely thought that staying in our house would have avoided that. But reducing everything to two rooms meant we had to use a storage facility and pack up 90% of the house anyway, so I am not quite sure where my logic was (I guess we’re saving money on not paying rent somewhere).

There is something very special about toddler stage. They are just so irresistible. The words are coming out in such an endearing way. Inhibitions are nonexistent. They know how to play you to get to what they want. They are so much fun to play with and they are just plain cute. Example Abigail mucking around on our building site (flying plane around the cone) and she looks exquisite. Of course I am biased, because she is my little girl.
Wishing you a fabulous week!
Anne x


Penny said...

I love Abigail's flying outfit - the green skirt! Awesome sense of style :)

The flowers are beautiful!

Mon Alisa Design said...

Hydrangeas are my favourite! I'm feeling for you on the renovation front. It's not easy! x

Posie Patchwork said...

Gorgeous bouquet, wow, delightful!!
Love Abigail's ensemble, tulle with safety cones, of course!!
I am always clucky, however many babies i see, they are so delicious. My baby is 6 & i'm well & truly into a different life with 4 in school for the 2nd year now, i can contain the desire for more children, just!! Love Posie

About Mathilda's Market said...

Thanks everyone! Yes, the skirt is my favourite too Penny! It's from Baobab. The top is from Metalicus Mini, and the hair flower clip was a bargain at Gumboots. Girls at that age are so much fun to dress!
And Pennie, I am jealous, 4 at school, well done!
See you all soon at Mathilda's. Cheers, Anne

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