Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Party fever ... and everyone in Hobart, say cheese!

I hope you're all having an excellent week so far. I feel I'm only just re-grouping from the weekend. It was hectic but fun-filled, with little people's birthday parties on both Saturday and Sunday. You know when you're in a Mother's Group and all the kid's birthdays arrive at the same time of year? Well, that's what's happening for us - all our babies were born within days of each other, so it's party central round here (with my lil Edie's turn to celebrate turning one with a casual gathering on the weekend). I've planned the menu - it involves the usual standards (homemade sausage rolls, fairy bread, honey joys, chocolate crackles) as well as munchies for the big people.  The trial run on the open pumpkin and feta tartlets happens later today, and I think I'll make assorted savouries such as mini toasts with smoked salmon and creme fraiche on the day ... and of course, being summer, there will be fruit platters, and sausages and kebabs will be sizzled! And if Edie gets her way - ICE CREAM!

I'm really looking forward to it. There won't be a theme as such this year. I feel she's a little young to appreciate such efforts, so we'll save the colour co-ordination and detailed party planning for next year! I just want it to be fun and stress free for everyone - including me, given things have been a little bit fraught in our house of late with mysterious illnesses and that sort of caper.

I'll of course be taking some happy snaps on the day, but I'm afraid they will pale in comparison to anything that could be captured by Tea & Jam Photography. I won't tell you too much about them here, as we blogged about them quite recently - but click here if you want to re-cap. Anyway, I have great news for people in Hobart! Kate and Nathan from Tea & Jam are heading south to snap Mathilda's Market in Hobart in action on Saturday 27 March, but they're making time on the weekend of Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th for additional photo sessions - three cheers! So if you‘ve always wanted to have incredible photos taken of your family, here's your golden opportunity! (Tea & Jam are also available for commercial bookings). Super special packages are on offer to those that book these Tassie sessions, so call 1300 793 329 for all the details. We promise you the photos will be ones you'll be VERY proud to put on the mantlepiece ... and keep them there for years to come. And if you're not from Hobart but have friends down that way, why not pass on this post to them! I'm sure they'll thank you for it.

Peta x
Mathilda's Market blogger

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