Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fairy bread folklore ... and perfect party theming

I mentioned recently how many first birthday parties our family has been attending lately. This is not a complaint - I mean, any occasion that gives you licence to eat homemade sausage rolls and fairy bread should be embraced with open arms. Mmmmmmm!

Actually, speaking of fairy bread I have an amusing story for you (please forgive me for straying off topic ... again). Many years ago my Mum used to make my Dad's lunch for work each day. He worked in an area that was light-on for lunch options, with the only decent place to eat being the local pub, and in any case  Mum always ran an economical household - we kids had a canteen lunch at school once a week and no more. (Pretty wise household management, I think, in retrospect, not to mention healthier for us all - but back then I thought it not fair!) Anyway, each morning she'd ask Dad what he wanted on his sandwiches, and each morning he'd reply "I don't mind, whatever" which used to irk her. One day after receiving the standard reply to her question, she thought "I'll show him", knowing Dad was heading to the pub for a schooner in his lunch hour (yes, Victorians, a schooner, not a pot: I do live in Melbourne now but my formative years were spent in NSW). Lunch time came and my father bought his beer, perched on a bar stool next to his mates and unwrapped his sandwiches to find ... fairy bread. He ate his sandwiches to the sound of the jeers of his peers and from that day on, whenever Mum asked him what he wanted on his sandwiches, he always came up with an answer. :-)

It's a tale that always makes me chuckle whenever I see a plate of fairy bread, so I've been chuckling a lot lately. Another thing that made me smile recently was the sterling efforts of my friend, Sarah in creating a wonderful theme for her son Nishan's first birthday party. Knowing I am quite fond of all things boutique-y and handmade-y for kids, she asked my advice on party invitation options. She then chose to order her invitations from KatyJane Designs, and we soon received the Cheeky Monkey personalised invite to Nishan's celebration in the mail (complete with magnets to affix it to the fridge - handy!)

When we arrived at the party, the room was adorned with blue and red helium balloons and streamers to match the colours of the invitation, and it looked fab. But the piece de resistance was the incredible cake, made by the wildly clever Sheana of Sheana's Cakes in Melbourne.

What a stunning replication of the invitation!

And here's the adorable birthday boy with his Mum and Dad. Awww!

It was a lovely few hours and we all rolled home full of scrumptious cake and other assorted foodstuffs! If you want to check out the KatyJane range of invitations, gift tage and other irresistible things, you can catch them at Mathilda's Market in Perth on Sunday 21 March, or check out their website, of course! 

Peta x
Mathilda's Market blogger

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Posie Patchwork said...

That is quite a cake!! Delicious, love Posie

Anonymous said...

如果你不思考未來,你便不會有未來 ..................................................

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