Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Art appreciation

There are few words that make my heart sing as much as this one: gelati. C'mon, admit it! Who doesn't love gelati? It takes me back ten years to my first (and unfortunately, most recent) glorious trip to Italy. As a backpacker I was doing an awful lot of travel by foot, and this was enough to convince me and my travelling companions that it was perfectly okay to have two serves of gelati a day - surely we would be burning it off with all the trekking from one picture perfect town to the next? Surely it would be wrong not to eat gelati once every 12 hours, given there were so many shops selling it, and such an abundance of undiscovered flavours?! Hmmmm ... I think it was flawed logic. My hiking boots were the only thing that fit when I left Italy.

Just as delicious but not even remotely naughty is Gelati Art - the Brisbane based design business that brings us printed canvas wall art, guaranteed to make kids' bedrooms look spectacular! Your children will love the Gelati Art range as much as you. What little boy wouldn't want this racy motorbike on his wall? And how wonderful is this lighthouse!

Vanessa from Gelati Art could be forgiven for wanting a nice lie down. After just having appeared at Mathilda's Market in Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane, she's fronting up this Sunday 14 March at Mathilda's Market in Melbourne's Hawthorn Town Hall, too! Now that's dedication (we're so pleased to be seeing you again, Vanessa!)

One rather lovely thing about Gelati Art is that many pieces in their range have a perfect "mate". Their website let's you know if the design you like has a complemetary canvas to set it off. For example, if you like the Red Racer with a blue background, the site suggests you might also like the Beep Beep Zoom canvases. Golly gosh, I think they're right!

Isn't it nice to have someone with an eye for colour and style do the job of co-ordinating for you!

These vintage style prints are just exquisite - I instantly fell for this one, with its sage advice to "just stay little".

If staying little means eating lots of gelati ... I wish I was still little! 

Come and browse the very large and tempting range of prints from Gelati Art this Sunday at Mathilda's Market in Hawthorn - or visit 

Peta x
Mathilda's Market blogger


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Toni said...

Gelati Art is just stunning, both my son and daughter are lucky enough to have Vanessa's gorgeous artworks adorn their walls :)


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