Monday, March 8, 2010

What a treat ...

Last Saturday we held our first Mathilda’s Market in Paddington Town Hall in Sydney. It was a great success and I had the most fabulous 24 hours. Normally, I fly up the day before each Market, making my way from airport to venue swift so I can spend time readying things for Market day. Market day usually starts early, with me getting up at 5am and the stallholders arriving at 7am and shoppers at 9am. At the conclusion of each Market, I quickly fly back home and have dinner at night with the the family.
However, this time, I arrived in Paddington and was not able to access the hall the day before. So what is a girl to do when she is staying in Queen St, Woollahra, in a gorgeous old picturesque B & B? (Chosen purely for the reason that it was closest to the Town Hall, I promise). Yes, put some lippy on and head out for some (window) shopping. Those that know me, are well aware that I hardly ever shop (let alone for myself), as there's just no time for that in my life right now. So an afternoon in Australia’s most exclusive shopping street, with no kids, no husband, no dinner deadline, in fact nothing to do at all for the rest of the day ... simply heaven!
A pair of boots for $1,700 was a bit over the top I thought, but I did manage to find some gorgeous stores that had fabulous items at reasonable prices, such as the Bay Tree and Flannel. Suffice to say, window shopping turned into serious shopping, and it felt great! I finished the night with the most delicious dinner (can’t remember the name of the restaurant, sorry!) and a movie in bed. What a treat!

Mathilda’s Market on Saturday was probably one of my most enjoyable Markets I’ve held in the 7 years of running these weekend affairs. Everything went without a hitch. The venue manager was lovely and helpful, the stallholders (who came from all over Australia) were just divine and so calm. The set up looked amazing, the goods for sale were outstanding and shoppers loved it just as much and were happy to part with their hard earned dollars to buy beautifully crafted things. The day was exactly what I had always envisaged for Mathilda’s Market. Thank you all for making it possible and enjoying what I have created.

I bought some lovely bits & pieces, a salt & pepper shaker from the lovely Stav from My Messy Room, some French notepads from the ever so smiley Melinda from PaperKlip (who stylishly decorated our event again), a pirate softie from Amelie’s Room, and a couple of buckets from The Party Studio, to match our tablecloth and flowers at the entry table:

The lovely Matthew and Ani from Milk & Honey Photography were there and took the photos below.

The first 100 shoppers received this pretty shopping bag, courtesy of Paperklip:

And here's a very happy me! 

Anne x


Corrie said...

Anne, sounds like you had a great night before the market! It was a fabulous market and venue and we kept waiting for the crowds to die down so we could take a break but it didn't really happen till the very end of the day!!!

congratulations to you and your team for a great market! We had a ball and yes we did spend some of our hard earned dollars on the other stalls too!

love the photo of you at the door!!!

Kylie said...

Looks and sounds like a great weekend. You look happy in the rush of shoppers.

Belinda said...

I was there as a shopper this time round and had a lovely time. Great mix of wasn't too hard open my wallet :)

I glad things went well your end. Lovely venue, it's just a shame it's so hard to park!

Cute as Buttons said...

I think that is the most relaxed I've ever seen you looking! Must have been a great night. Lisa .

Posie Patchwork said...

Sounds fantastic, i'm a Sydney girl, so great to see my home town bringing it for markets!! I would have caught public transport, why bother with a car when you can catch a bus & play with your shopping on the way home rather than drive. Love Posie

About Mathilda's Market said...

Thank you for your comments ladies. Yes, I think I was rather relaxed ... but then as Belinda said, I didn't have to find a carpark, which was a bit of a mission apparently. Sorry! See you all soon ..

Gifts Created said...

AMAZING day amazing mix of stalls and fun fun fun is all I have to say about Mathilda's at Paddington. Anne now I know why you looked so relaxed...Luv ur post! and the photo's look amazing!

Anonymous said...

It was a sensational day and great to meet you Anne. My only problem was stopping myself from spending all my takings on beautiful things from other stalls!

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