Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm in love again

I am in love ... butterflies and all.
It was my birthday last week and my husband Adrian granted my biggest gift wish! He bought me a “proper” camera (Canon EOS 500D) and I feel like I am sixteen and have just fallen in love again.
When I make breakfast all I can think about is my camera. When I work, all I can think about is my camera,  and at night, yep you guessed it ... I can’t wait to tuck the kids into bed to spend time with my camera!
Part of the excitement is probably the fact that I am a 100% novice to photography. I have long admired the ability of people to capture special moments in time, especially family members.
I believe that photography has a lot to do with natural talent (it’s an art really), and I am not so sure at this point in time whether I have any of that. But failing talent, I shall diligently follow the instruction manual and google my way through photography 101.
At any rate, right now I am on honeymoon with my camera  in Canonland, and nothing can ever come between us! Every picture is great, because it is fun and better than my $100 Dick Smith camera from 3 year ago.
So I apologise in advance if you are going to see LOTS of average, weird, funny photos over the next few months, but it is so much fun to share this!
Starting off are some shots I took over the last few days, including Mathilda’s Market last Sunday at the Hawthorn Town Hall. It was a fabulous day by the way, with 80 absolutely gorgeous stalls and their divine stallholders making it so enjoyable. Thank you to everyone for joining us once again! The Channel 9 Postcards film crew spent the whole event filming with us. Below is Pia Miller, the beautiful presenter  covering our Market. 
PS - Sorry about the low resolution ... To upload them on the blog I compressed them, but I compressed a little too much ... oops!

I finally bought my long awaited milk jugs from the ever so lovely Helen from Ensparkle!

Kat & Nat from the innovate Cupcake Wrapper Co held their first ever Market stall at Mathilda's Market. These two ladies are so much fun and entire their stall looked ... well ... edible!

Greenolive Design were also first timers to Mathilda's, and I could not help myself ... I picked up one cushion each for my kids ...

And here's an assortment of snapshots ...

The work of the lovely Sweet William sisters

How cute are these blocks from Muddkids

And I'll leave you with a couple of shots of my kids ...
Anne x

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Little Snoring said...

Lucky you... great camera and lovely pictures of your kids!

Justine said...

V jealous! I am in camera envy, that is the same model I want. I'm hoping my day will come soon.


Monica @ bpab said...

Fantastic for you! I hope you and your camera have many fine memories together. It looks like your relationship is blossoming already.

Corrie said...

ohhhh congratulations! I got my first DSLR this year and am so precious about it!! I have no clue what all the buttons mean sometimes but still learning and having fun!!!!!

the market looks amazing! well done

Posie Patchwork said...

How exciting!! When i started Posie back in 1999 i had a modest camera, but when i went on line a couple of years later, i got a Nikon D70 super fancy & still holds up against the latest models, yes, a gift from my husband - just like Corrie above!!
I am rather in LOVE with those cup cake wrappers, all beautiful products, as always.
Love Posie

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