Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Adelaide warmly welcomes Mathilda's Market

Our team has long suspected that a city as picturesque and appreciative of beautiful things as Adelaide, might well embrace Mathilda's Market. Not just for the golden shopping opportunity it presents, but also as a place where the city's crafters and designers can have their names up in lights and their inspiring creations on full show! We were so happy our predictions came true when the first Mathilda's Market was hosted in Adelaide on Saturday 6 March at Loreto College in Marryatville.

The most crucial task, once we decided to go forge ahead with our debut Adelaide event, was to put a call out to potential stallholders - not exactly an arduous undertaking! When Mathilda's comes to a new city, it's always such a pleasurable "job" to sift through the applications and be wowed by the beautiful products being created by the gifted locals. It feels a little bit like digging up buried treasure!

As part of our newly launched Fabulous Finds program, we unearthed these four South Australian designers to be showcased at our inaugural Adelaide event.

Delilah Devine ...

Little Luv ...

Merrin Stacey Design ...


Pipsqueek ...

Our first Mathilda's in South Australia was off to a fine start!

And after we stumbled upon just the right venue, Loreto College at Marryatville - we felt the location mirrored the sort of occasion we wanted to stage.  


When the big day finally arrived, we had a stellar line up of exquisite stallholders of which we were proud as peacocks! It included Woolly Wugs, The Children's Republic, Little Boombalada Designs, Sac du Jour, How Tweet It Is, and Little Spunky Monkey and Fairydust, to name just a few.

We'll leave you with a selection of photos from our first ever Mathilda's Market, Adelaide. We extend a hearty thanks to all our shoppers and stallholders for making the day a most memorable one. (We're sorry to all the coffee lovers who missed their morning fix, and we promise to have a coffee van at our next Market in the city of churches!) Speaking of our next event, it's on Saturday 3 July, at the same time and location (in a bigger hall however) - and we simply cannot wait to see you all there again.

Ralf, Amanda and the Mathilda's Market Adelaide team

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pk said...

Congratulations on an excellent market. Looking fwd to a bigger one next time, and the saviour of coffee for us Dads! ;)

Will there be more things for kids to do? Or maybe the Gym is close to Loreto's playground?

So good to have such a stylish market in SA & for it to do well. All the stalls looked superb - lots of talented bods out there!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic market, I bought lots of goodies for my daughter. I can't wait to go to the next one. I agree with the dad (even though I'm a mum!) there needs to be coffee and drinks available.

Anonymous said...

It was a great market, but I found the parking a nightmare. Once I managed to get in though I was really glad that I had perservered. The products were beautiful, and an excellent range of things.

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