Monday, March 22, 2010

Thrice the bedding beauty

Wandering blissfully around Mathilda's Market in Melbourne recently, I was stopped in my tracks by a display of beautiful baby & children's bedding. Now, perhaps the only thing I struggle with in my work for Mathilda's Market is resisting constant temptation. Anne welcomed me to the team when my only (so far) child was around five months old. I now read about and see soooooo many divine products on a daily basis, and it's so hard not to splurge! (If only the money tree out the back would start sprouting).

As I gazed wistfully at the bedding display, for the umpteenth time I wish I'd known about Mathilda's before my daughter was born. While I am overstocked with fairly pedestrian cot bedding purchased before my Mathilda's days, and can't quite justify replacing it with something more beautiful, when Edie moves into a single bed I plan to be obtaining sheets and covers from Ani & Trio.

This Brisbane based business is the brainchild of friends Anita and Triona. With their babies due within two months of each other, the two women excitedly began trawling the shops for perfect, stylish nursery quilt and sheet sets. But they fast became disappointed with the mediocre mix of bland pastels and plethora of busy cartoon characters on offer. The solution? They would craft their own! Ani & Trio now bring us a stunning range of nursery linen that puts a unique twist on a timeless classic - the patchwork quilt.

It's clear there is a lot of attention to detail and care taken in the handmade crafting of their covers. 

Am loving the design below - it's called Buttercup Bliss!

And this one is called Sugar and Spice - it's all things nice!

It's reassuring to know, and no surprise that Anita and Triona are steadfast in their belief that delicate young skin deserves to be touched only by natural, breathable fabrics. The entire Ani & Trio range is made of 100% cotton, and their quilts are filled with organic cotton batting - a great choice for sensitive skin.

Loving what you see, but missed Ani & Trio at our recent Mathilda's Markets in Melbourne and Brisbane? Well, if you want to get your hands on Ani & Trio linen at a great price, you can find their sale page right here!

Peta x
Mathilda's Market blogger
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Emma said...

its gorgeous! just what I was after for my new baby - i love the red and blue one!

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