Thursday, March 25, 2010

The most stylish place in cyberspace

With Hobart about to host it's first Mathilda's Market this weekend, it's clear there are many great businesses and talented artisans coming out of Tasmania. (Click here to see the line up of stallholders featuring at our event there this Saturday). But there's another talented Tasmanian we want to tip our Mathilda's hat to - her name is Angela Anderson, and she's the creative might and IT genius behind one of  the most FABULOUS websites around - If you love all products boutique and unique for babies and children, but you're not yet acquainted with KidStyleFile, I suggest you head to this corner of the cyberworld quick smart. You'll just adore it! (Although you may well rue the day I told you about it ... It's so easy to while away hour after pleasant hour on KidStyleFile!)

The site is totally devoted to premium, designer, handmade and boutique baby and kids products of all kinds – including clothes, shoes, décor, nursery items and toys. If you want to hear first about the latest kids and baby gear from Australia and overseas, and huge sales and bargain offers, you'd be mad not to make KidStyleFile your first port of call. It's updated daily - the KSF team have their collective fingers on the pulse! The site has lots of reviews, interviews and feature stories. (Yours truly even writes a monthly kids' book review page there - take a look if you want to know what's new in books for kids aged 0 to 7!)

KidStyleFile is in the top 1% of most visited websites in the world - seriously, it's that good! It's NOT an online store, incase you were thinking otherwise - instead, the KSF team do all the legwork, browsing online and bricks-and-mortar stores and trade shows all around the world to bring you word of the hottest kids products on the planet. 

It's WELL worth keeping a close eye on KidStyleFile as it will save you money! How? Well, perhaps the best thing about KidStyleFile is that it brokers exclusive retail deals for its readers on their behalf - so for example, today on their home page, there's a profile of new Aussie label Alex & Ant. If you like what you see, you're in luck, as there's a whopping 25% off all purchases if you enter the discount code 'KSFpromo' at the checkout of the Alex & Ant website. Cool, huh? And that's just today! What will tomorrow bring? Competitions? A fantastic special offer? A great discount on designer label gear? Who knows, but it's sure to be good. You can regularly drop into to take in updates, join them on Twitter or Facebook, sign up to the weekly newsletter or subscribe to a feed through RSS.

Meet Angela, the creator of KidStyleFile (and her beloved girls).

Angela came up with the idea of KSF because she adored premium, handmade and unique kids' products, but "real" shopping trips were rare, given they involved twins (Sophie and Eve, now 5 years old). It look so long to scour website after website looking for the best products, and it's time she didn't have! She wanted a "one-stop" online haven she could retreat to, featuring the cream of the crop ... A website where she could do her research before embarking on online shopping voyages. There was no such place, so she created one! And it's a good thing too, considering how many mothers of young children prefer to shop online rather than lug the pram around and contend with screaming children once the novelty of the outing wears off. 

What I personally like about KidStyleFile are its warm, chatty and engaging posts, written each day by mums like you and me who love beautiful, original buys. And the site's brand archive is HUGE. When you scroll down the left side of the home page and see just how many brand names KidStyleFile has profiled, you realise how comprehensive this site is! (Click on each one to be taken to all posts mentioning that brand name).

So now you know about KidStyleFile. It is thoroughly fabulous. And completely addictive. Don't say you weren't warned!

Peta x
Mathilda's Market blogger

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