Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New priorities ... new favourite things!

Edie in the denim pinafore from The Zipper Tree's Winter 2010 range

Before I had a child, call me naive but I had nooooo idea just how many beautiful and wildly different creations for kids and babies were being crafted by clever people out there. As far as I was concerned, toys and clothes and decor and shoes and other things for kids came from monolithic shopping malls. I'd never considered an alternative even existed! I recall spending around $80 back then on a baby gift for a good friend - it was a beanbag in pastel colours that clashed boldly with her gorgeous home's red and timber colour scheme. (It was all I could find in a rush). Never mind that her child might not use it for another 2 years (if ever!) Knowing what I know now, I kick myself when I think back on that purchase.

Infact, before having one of my own, I was pretty much clueless about most things to do with kids. Not many of my friends had babies (and if they did, they were my Sydney friends, not my Melbourne ones, so I didn't see them quite as often). Besides, my life before I "migrated" to Melbourne in 2007 was as far from the delights and demands of kids as you could get, being all about work and partying and socialising and being selfish!  Not going out on a Saturday night - huh?! The idea had never occurred to me!

Of course, since Edie arrived there are countless discoveries I've made since then about raising children. One being that Weet Bix, when left to its own devices on a surface such as a wall or floor, will harden and set like concrete. Perhaps I'll share other relevations like these in forthcoming blog entries, but for now I should actually talk about what I intended to talk about. One of my (new) favourite things: The Zipper Tree.

How I wish I had bought my friend's little girl a frock designed by The Zipper Tree's Amie Armstrong!  

                                                       Here's Amie with her daughter Isabella
Not that I want to play favourites ... but this label is certainly one of mine! Amie worked in Brand Management before having her daughter, Isabella. During her maternity leave, Amie's flair and passion for making clothes truly blossomed as she spent hours crafting gorgeous little outfits for her daughter. Encouragement from friends and her hubby Tim was all she needed - The Zipper Tree sprouted in January 2009.

Judging from the crowd consistently gathered at The Zipper Tree's stall at Mathilda's Market in Hawthorn in March this year, I'm not the only one who loves this label. (For those in other cities, you'll find The Zipper Tree at Mathilda's Market in Lane Cove on 2 May, back in Melbourne at Malvern on the 30 May and in Canberra on 27 June!)

Amie says the Mia reversible dress is her pick from the range. A perfectly gorgeous winter frock! 

I have it in blue for Edie, but I love the maroon, too!

My dearest old friend, who now lives in Mozambique, is returning to have her baby girl in May. For Jac's bubba, I settled on these groovy baby red corduroy pants - don't you dig the button on the waistband and the elastic rear adjustable waist! It's a lighter fabric than the denim and will suit cooler days in Africa. It reminded me of some of the crazy coloured and patterned pants Jac used to wear in her high school days! (I hope she doesn't read this ... I'm seeing her next week, and there'll be no surprise!)  

And while The Zipper Tree has a bigger selection of pieces for girls, these long sleeve organic tees for boys are most certainly worth checking out.

Sigh! If I knew then what I know now ... !!

Peta x
Mathilda's Market blogger

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