Monday, April 5, 2010

Handmade hotspot

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter and the good bunny was generous to you all! (But not so generous that you will still be struggling to resist the stash of eggs at the top of the pantry in three weeks time). My other half Kirk worked one day through the break (phooey to that!) so we couldn't nip away for a quick out-of-town sabbatical. But it was still most enjoyable to have friends from Queensland come visit, to eat nice food and to go out and enjoy some great live music (one of my favourite hobbies, if not top of my list). The other hobby I got to indulge was exploring delightful little pockets of the online world that have been on my "to do" list for some time - in particular, Handmade Kids ( Handmade Kids and Mathilda's Market are "holding hands" this year - they're one of our official partners. Visit their site and it's plain to see why - we're a match made in heaven! They unearth funky handmade finds for kids and present it to their readers in a cheerful and informative blog style.

Jemma, the head honcho of Handmade Kids created the site because she loved the "cool, quirky and unique handmade clothes and toys that Aussies are making. I love gorgeous, one-off creations that have been made with care, imagination, dedication and time." But perhaps the biggest motivation for Jemma in creating the site was that retail stores are not abundant in her neck of the woods! "I'm mum to two boys. Living in a rural town in Western Australia means that stores that stock original items are about as rare as dental floss for chickens. Handmade Kids is really just my own personal shopping directory ‘wish list’!" Note, Handmade Kids isn't an online store, but it directs you straight to the websites of businesses making wonderful handcrafted items for babies and kids - THEN you start your shopping. As Jemma says, Handmade Kids is a great place to do your research, learn what's out there, then start compiling your LOOOOONG list.

 You'll find some lovely giveaways on the site - at the moment there's one from The Haby Goddess. (As in, haberdashery). Put your skates on though, because the comp closes this Wednesday 7 April!

So how does Jemma manage the happy demands of Handmade Kids when she has two at home of her own? Well, she's enlisted the help of an old mate, Caz. The two have known each other since the mid 80's - "our friendship having survived hypercolour, perms and plastic fluro earrings!" (I rather like Jemma's sense of humour).
Having dipped a toe into Handmade Kids over the past week, just for starters I've learned about a new sustainable kids' clothing company from Brisbane called Nan's Garden (I'll definitely be stopping to smell the roses in their online store - adorable outfits!) And I was reminded of an old favourite that was blogged about called LilliPilli Lane. (I own one of their skirts - the reminder prompted me to re-visit their site to see what else was new in their range). And as there's something new on Handmade Kids every day, there will be plenty more future drop-ins from me. I get the feeling Jemma and Caz don't mind people stopping by unexpectedly!

Peta x
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