Friday, May 21, 2010

More than just making do!

I am feeling all inspired & creative, and looking at the bits of paper and empty containers in the recycling collection with fresh eyes today, thanks to this fabulous post over at The post was all about makedo, which is basically a set of reusable connectors that you use to join together all sorts of household materials, to make fantastic creations from the "stuff" around you. You have NO idea what I'm prattling on about, do you ... I don't blame you! It's kind of hard to explain, so the best thing to do is watch this very quick video. It shows how you use makedo's hinges and connectors to join things together - like eggs cartons, coffee cup lids, tubes, boxes, fabric, and plastic containers - to make wildly creative things, such as cubby houses, cars, pretend pets, furniture, buildings, decorations, wacky costumes - what you can do with makedo is really only limited by your imagination! Here are a few of the makedo creations showcased on their website

And you can visit the gallery here to be wowed by more astoundingly clever creations - as you can see, you can start simple with makedo and as your imagination opens up and you become more skilful with the connectors, you can go on to craft some mind blowing junk art! It's an environmentally friendly product, because the really cool thing is how it enables us to actually use the "junk" around us to make groovy things - so one person's trash really is another person's treasure! Great for kids and adults alike, the makedo kits are available to buy online from the makedo website, with prices from USD$25.00 (approximately AUD$30) including shipping for a limited time only. Thanks Kidstylefile, for again shining the spotlight on a product well worth knowing about!

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Posie Patchwork said...

That's so much fun for your first child, just wait until you have 4 with big smiles & an entire recylcing bin worth of cardboard toys & costumes walking out of school!! I've had the dozen cereal boxes i've sent to school for craft come back as a 12 box long caterpillar before!! Love Posie

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