Saturday, June 19, 2010

Celebrating life's biggest occasions ... all in one memorable weekend!

Mathilda's Market is on this weekend (Saturday) in Brisbane! But there are even more reasons for me to give this weekend the thumbs up ... This weekend is quite a special one for me, and no, I'm not getting married! But Erin, one of my oldest friends from school is, and whatsmore, there's a baby on the way for her and her hubby-to-be! Two years ago, very few of my closest friends had children, but now there always seems to be a baby on the way. It's so nice that we're moving into this next, very different phase of our lives together - I love being able to chat to my oldest mates about sleeping, teething, feeding, etc. without seeing their eyes glaze over!

So I'm about to drive up with my little Edie to Sydney for the nuptials tomorrow, but before the wedding, I've got a gorgeous girly night to look forward to. My dear friend Jacqui lives in Mozambique, and had her baby girl Amaya two months ago - and today I get to meet the little cherub for the first time! We're all staying in the one house and savouring two nights of living in one another's pockets before the family jet back to Africa on Sunday. Plus, I'll meet my friend Heidi's baby boy Leo for the first time at the wedding tomorrow. But perhaps best of all, another dear friend has flown in especially from the UK to surprise the bride! She deserves a cabinet full of trophies for juggling her 12 month old son, Angus on a  flight from London to Sydney this week. Last time I saw Angus, he was a newborn. So do you think I'm a touch excited about all these glorious reunions? You bet I am!

Which brings me to a Brisbane business who create personalised stationery with panache - if you want to announce your own good fortune or a special occasion of your own, then I highly recommend heading to

All Invite With Style stationery is designed to be personalised, and you can modify the colour and wording to suit your needs. Plus, the designs are interchangeable, so if you find, say, a birthday design that you love but you want to turn it into a christening invitation, it's no problem at all for Anna and the Invite With Style team, who you can find at Mathilda's Market in Brisbane this Saturday 19 June!

I better go pack my bags ... I can barely contain my excitement! For everyone in Brisbane, have a wonderful day shopping at Mathilda's, and I'll leave you with a few more designs below from Invite With Style.

Peta x
Mathilda's Market blogger

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Paper Scissors Rock Stationery said...

Love love love Invite with Style - they are the best seller in our store at Paper Scissors Rock Stationery and Anna is so delightful to deal with!

Posie Patchwork said...

Gorgeous stationary!! I had babies before my friends too, it was so normal for me, but a shock for them!! We're about to start high school with our eldest & some are just starting to have babies now. Have a great time at the wedding, love Posie

Ash said...

Such beautiful designs! Enjoy the wedding!

Payday loans said...

Wow,nice, one of the best read posts so far.

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