Friday, June 18, 2010

Mad for Mimoo

Mathilda's is happening in Brisbane tomorrow... which is marvellous if you live in sunny Queensland. But for me here in windy old Melbourne (OK, on holidays in Jervis Bay in NSW this week, but usually in windy old Melbourne!) all this news has given me is a severe case of Market Envy. Market Envy happens when one reads through the line-up of stallholders selling their goodies at a Mathilda's Market that's too far away for you to attend, and the result is that you feel green with jealousy! I seem to suffer Market Envy on quite a regular basis, which then leads to flurried bouts of online retail therapy. Hmmmm ... this blogging for Mathilda's Market is a dangerous hobby for me!

Today and tomorrow in our bloogy corner of the universe, I'll be featuring short but sweet write-ups of two of the Mathilda's Market stallholders you will find at the Eagle Farm Racecourse tomorrow. Today, I'm waving my hands and saying, "Mimoo! Mimoo!" No, I haven't gone a little bit loopy ... Mimoo is the name of the business started by Brisbane mum Tina Kirkegaard in 2008. At this time, Tina arrived back in Australia after almost a decade in the UK, her newborn babe cradled in her arms. Feeling underwhelmed with the range of "same old, same old" baby products available in stores, this inspired Tina to launch Mimoo, and create products that were fresh and fashionable, using only 100% cotton fabric. Tina hand sews all pieces in the Mimoo range, which include plush padded play mats, a wonderful "take-it-anywhere" nappy change mat wallet, and some gorgeous jammie sets she's created just for Mathilda's Market!

(For me, this really is the beauty of Mathilda's Market, in a nutshell. I love that you can unearth beautiful, quirky, unique creations that you're unlikely to find in every second store! Most Mathilda's Market stallholders don't even have their own shopfront).

Find Mimoo online at, or at or of course, at the Eagle Farm Racecourse this Saturday!

Peta x
Mathilda's Market blogger

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