Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's all in the details!

My little girl turns one next month. I can barely believe it! She arrived on the same date that my late grandmother was born - and six days past her due date. I think if Edie has proven she has a gift for anything (apart from eating pebbles from the garden), it's her uncanny ability to time her important moves to perfection. On Christmas Day 2008, full to the brim with our family's festive lunch, as Kirk and I were enjoying a lie down, our little Choplet let fly with a series of HUGE, flurried kicks. It was the most in utero movement I felt from her before that day, or after. We watched in fascination as various limbs protruded and pulsed from my belly - what a completely excellent Christmas gift to receive! Then about six weeks later, my father said he'd be happy for the baby to arrive whenever she pleased ... but wouldn't it be fantastic if she made her debut on Nanna's birthday ... and lo and behold, he got his wish.  

Such momentous occasions are really worth celebrating with style and fanfare and a sense of great joy. It's this belief that inspired Brisbane babes Siobhan and Vanessa to start Details, Details, on online paper, packaging and party boutique that's full to overflowing with all sorts of cards and invitations for every occasion you can dream of, party favours, tags, wrapping paper, ribbons, stamps, decorations, etc. I'm sure those that were at Mathilda's Market in Brisbane last November would have appreciated the chic decoration of the venue, the divine handiwork of Details, Details. And here's another thing to celebrate - Details, Details are our Official Event Decorators for 2010 in Brisbane, so if you're heading to Mathilda's in the sunshine state this year, be sure to keep an eye out for their creativity.

Their range is enormous - and includes products from some of the best names in partying, such as Alannah Rose, Paper Eskimo, Imprintables, Chapel Press, Sambellina, Paperklip and (how's this for a sterling name!) Banter & Frolic. The really convenient thing is that once you have decided on a theme or colour scheme for your occasion, you can order up everything matching from the Details, Details website - such as the invitations, party bags, a table runner, thank you cards, decorations, and pretty much anything else your heart desires.

It's a fabulous resource for busy people who may not have the time to trawl the shops in search of classy and eye catching accoutrements to make their occasion just extra special. As the gals from Details, Details explain on their website, they started their venture because it was always such a struggle to find the supplies they wanted to celebrate big occasions with any sense of contemporary style. Hmmmmm, I certainly know what they mean  ... When I searched for first birthday invitations in the stores, I suffered Ben 10 and Dora and The Wiggles overload. It all got a bit disheartening and "same same", and I eventually resorted to putting my limited desktop publishing skills to use to design my own. Next year I'll know better ... and I'll be wanting all the finery from Details, Details. 
Peta x
Mathilda's Market blogger 

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Anonymous said...

Wow my daughters name is also Eadie (diff spelling though)
I am also believer that the packaging and card is just as important as the present. i made my daughters first birthday invitations as she was having an Alice in Wonderland Mad hatters tea party but it was hard to find anything that wasnt dora within a reasonable price range for the amount of people that were coming. Cant wait to get over to check out the site now.
Thank Emma

About Mathilda's Market said...

Another little Eadie/Edie! How gorgeous, I don't often hear of others. Yes the Dora invasion in the stores was quite alarming. It's really hard to find good invitations - unless you know where to look! Hope you found nice things on the Details, Details site, Emma.

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