Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sebastian and Sienna rock Adelaide

With Mathilda's Market in Adelaide happening this Saturday 3 July at Loreto College in Marryatville, I thought I'd sit down with a cuppa and leisurely peruse the line up of Adelaide stallholders. It was a pleasurable way for me to savour part of the last day of staying with my parents for the week (and milk the most from the 24 hour babysitting service!) I clicked on stallholder names randomly, and when I found myself at the Sebastian and Sienna home page, I immediately admired the label's fabulous logo:

Wow! Too cool for school! I was curious, so decided to investigate further. I soon learned that the label's boys range, called "Little Sebastian" is inspired by rock-pop culture and "our love for the New Romantic movement, Empire of the Sun, The Goonies, skinny jeans, floppy tees, MGMT, The Doors and Ferris Bueller." Hmmm .... I love my rock n'roll (Empire of the Sun ... these gals have great taste!) and the fashion inspired by it, and I had a feeling Sebastian and Sienna made garments for the little ones that I was to start gushing about. The “Little Sienna” range is all about girly dresses and skirts, high-waisted shorts and pretty blouses – think piggy tails, Pretty in Pink and tea parties. I'd fallen for the words - but would the actual clothes live up to their enticing descriptions? Quite excited by this stage, I couldn't navigate my way fast enough to the website's gallery to check out the range. Click ...  ahhhhhhh .... click ..... fabulous! ... Oh my gosh, that's insanely cool ... Click ... Hmmm, where is my purse, I must find my credit card. Needless to say, I was far from disappointed.


Do you think young Sebastian may have a modelling career ahead of him? What a natural!

Inspired by the clothing styles they grew up wearing in the seventies, Adelaide gals Vanessa and Peta started Sebastian and Sienna in 2008, and the label has evolved from their oodles of ideas and drawings into the S&S collection today.

                                           Vanessa, Evangeline, Sebastian, Peta and Sienna

Considerable  design, patternmaking, grading and sewing skills go into the production of this range, as the duo do everything from scratch - it's all handmade! Limited runs of each style mean you know you're getting something for your little fashionista that you wont see on every other cherub rocking on down the street!


Keep a close eye on the Sebastian and Sienna website for the "Little  Evangeline" range, a collection of one-off pieces, handmade using fabrics, 1970's vintage patterns and buttons. "Little Evangeline" will be inspired by all the best things from Peta and Vanessa's childhood: Little Golden Books, Patsy Biscoe records, roller skating with friends, pinafores, homemade birthday cakes and running under the sprinkler! That's my suburban Sydney childhood too, and I can't wait to see what amazing creations the ladies have in store. 

Don't forget to drop in on the Sebastian and Sienna stall at Mathilda's Market in Adelaide this Saturday 3 July!

Peta x
Mathilda's Market blogger

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